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We went back to the drawing board for this one. The Lefty Kreh BVK (Bernard Victor Kreh) rod is the result of a year-long collaboration between Lefty, Gary Loomis, our skilled engineer, and the many highly qualified casters who make up the TFO Advisory Staff.

Our goal in building this rod was three-fold: make it light, make it strong, and make it cast better than anything we've ever produced.

To achieve this we started from the ground up. Using completely new high modulus fibers, new scrim, and new tapers, we have come up with a rod that offers amazing line speeds while remaining friendly to cast. This is a fast action rod with excellent line feel and dampening ability. On top of all this, we've introduced a new way to improve the structural integrity of the rod to make it even more durable than a conventional rod design.

The TFO BVK 1003-5 is a 3-Weight Conversion Kit that changes your 8 foot 3-weight BVK into a 10-foot Czech nymphing / dry fly rod for the ultimate on-stream versatility.